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Mr Honey's Dictionary

Mr Honey's Dictionary
(C)2001, 2002 by Winfried Honig

This is a work in progress dictionary of phrases commonly used. This book contains English and equivalent German phrases. We are releasing two versions of this book, sorted for the English reader and sorted for the German reader.
Dieses Buch wurde uns freundlicherweise von dem Verfasser zur Verfügung gestellt.
This book was generously donated to us by the author.
In the 1970s Winfried Honig, known as Mr Honey, started compiling and computerizing English/German dictionaries, partly to provide his colleagues and students with samples of the language of business, partly to collect convincing material for his State Department of Education to illustrate the need for special dictionaries covering the special language used in different branches of the industry.
In 1997 Mr Honey began to feed his wordlists into the LEO Online Dictionary of the Technische Universität München, and in 2000 into the DicData Online Dictionary
While more than 500.000 daily visitors use the online versions, CD-ROM versions are available, see: Mr. Honey would be pleased to answer questions sent to
Permission granted to use the word-lists, on condition that links to the sites of LEO, DICDATA and MR HONEY are maintained.
Mr Honey's services are non-commercial to promote the language of business both in English and in German.


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