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dahin {adv}
thereda, dort, dorthin
dazu {adv}
with it;
near by
dabei {adv}
staying behind;
sticking around;
staying there;
staying here
going therehingehend;
across thereda drüben
being there;
being present;
being involved
dabei seiend;
being there;
being around
da seiend
stayed behind;
sticked around;
stayed there;
stayed here
got there hingeraten
from there daher
gone therehingegangen;
Moreover, there is...;
In addition, there is...;
...must be added
etw. tritt hinzu (Sachverhalt, Problem) {vi} (oft umschrieben)
been there vorhanden gewesen;
running there;
walking there;
running past;
walking along
flown there;
flown towards
way here;
way there
Anreiseweg {m}
there is ... es gibt ...
near theredort in der Nähe
been there;
been present;
been involved
dabei gewesen;
dabeigewesen [alt]
over there dort drüben
up there droben {adv}
went there ging hin;
fuhr hin
stood theredagestanden
being therevorhanden seiend;
journey thereHinfahrt {f}
journeys there Hinfahrten {pl}
way thereHinweg {m}
standing theredastehend
You can get cheap patrol/gas/diesel there. Dort kann man billig tanken.
there ises gibt
been there;
been around
da gewesen
goes theregeht hin;
fährt hin
run there;
walked there;
run past;
walked along
there are es sind
flying there;
flying towards
taking therehinbringend
down thereda unten
getting therehingeratend
taken there hingebracht
down there drunten
Put it there! Agreed! Schlag ein! Abgemacht!
to be there;
to be present;
to be involved
dabei sein;
dabeisein [alt]
there will be wird ... geben
to stay (on);
to stay behind;
to remain (behind);
to stick around;
to stay there;
to stay here
dableiben {vi}
I/he/she flew there;
I/he/she flew towards
ich/er/sie flog hin
There is talk / mention of sth./sb.Es ist von etw./jdm. die Rede.
to take therehinbringen {vt}
There you are! Da haben Sie es!
he/she is there;
he/she is present;
he/she is involved
er/sie ist dabei
There you are! Da sind Sie ja!
There you are! Da haben wir die Bescherung!
then and there sogleich;
auf der Stelle
he/she has/had flown there;
he/she has/had flown towards
er/sie ist/war hingeflogen
to go therehingehen;
hinfahren {vi}
Who was there?Wer war da?
there you are !da haben wir's !
who is there ?wer ist da ?
and there onlyund nur dort
to be there;
to be around
da sein;
dasein [alt]
There you are! Na bitte!
to run there;
to walk there;
to run past;
to walk along
hinlaufen {vi}
I/he/she was there;
I/he/she was present;
I/he/she was involved
ich/er/sie war dabei
Is anybody there? Ist da jemand?
he/she flies there;
he/she flies towards
er/sie fliegt hin
he/she has/has been there;
he/she has/has been present;
he/she has/has been involved
er/sie ist/war dabei gewesen;
er/sie ist/war dabeigewesen
to stand theredastehen {vi}
then and theresofort und auf der Stelle
to fly there;
to fly towards
hinfliegen {vi}
to be therevorhanden sein;
vorliegen {vi}
here and there hier und dort;
gelegentlich {adv}
here and there;
every so often;
now and then;
from time to time
hier und da
unless there ismangels
is there anybodyist da jemand
to get therehingeraten
to stand there;
to stand by
here and therehier und dort
While there's life there's hope. Wer lebt darf hoffen.
There is a tailback. Der Verkehr staut sich.
There was no escaping. Es gab kein Entrinnen.
on the way thereauf dem Hinweg
if there is interestsofern Interesse besteht
there is no choicees gibt keine Wahl
I'm nearly there. / I'll be ready any minute now.Ich bin gleich soweit.
it's thundering;
there is a thunderstorm
es gewittert
There you can see! Sieh mal einer an!
There are none left.Es gibt keine mehr.
I ended up there. Am Ende bin ich dort gelandet.
neither here nor thereweder hier noch dort
to be there too mit dabei sein
there to be no ...;
there to be no provision for ...;
not to be (part of) one's standard/usual procedure
nicht vorgesehen sein
there are plans to;
they're planning to
es ist vorgesehen zu ...
have their seat therehaben dort ihren Sitz
there are reports that ... es verlautet, dass ...
There are always some, and note I say "some", not all.Es gibt immer einige, ich betone "einige", nicht alle.
The motorway starts there.Dort beginnt die Autobahn.

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